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3. Food.

4. 2 words, Drugs and Alchihol.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hot Import Nights Orlando 7/17-7/20

The first thing we did when we touched down thursday night at 11:30 PM was eat. We went to Sonics.

The next morning we went straight to work and checked in cars. Heres the Seaworld Car.

On the way to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando we drove pass this Upside down building. Pretty cool.

This way to the Production Office.

This 240Z had a Sr-20DET clean and fast. This was during car roll-in.

A shot from the Production office after friday Roll-in. Looks packed already.

The viet when you look up from the main entrance of the show looking up the escalators.

After car roll-in we went back to the hotel freshend up and went to the Pre-Party hosted by Deep Vision. This was our table.

Me and Kuya Goose popped bottles and got the party started.

Me and Jenny Chu.

DJ J. Magic and Jenny.

With Hennesy bottle in hand i did some damage pouring alchihol down peoples throats. Heres a picture of Ms. Sunshine Rodriguez.

Me and Sunshine.

Then she poured the bottle down my throat.

Heres my co-worker/ room mate Nate Leon getting preasured into drinking.

Some of the HIN entourage was Luis and the other NCCA Judges.( Luis is the one in the black on the left )


After the club we went to Denny's. Nate put too much pepper on his Eggs cause he was drunk.

Trina performing live at the Boost Mobile Urban Stage.

Trina and me.

Heres a picture of all the confiscated lighters and knifes after the show.

After the show, i went to the After party thrown by Exact Ent.

The HIN models.

Ms. Erin Mckinnon looks like shes licking my face, but she was just kissing me.

After the after party me and J. Magic went to Dennys when i got the Ultimate Omelette and smothered hashbrowns.

The next day before we went to the air port, i got some gas for the rental car, then stopped by Checkers and got some chicken.

Oh and thier fries are killer.

At the Orlando airport Terminal had little picture spots from Universal, Seaworld and Disney World. Me and Snow White.

Lay-over at Denver on the way back home.

I had Panda Express for lunch at the Denver Airport.

Thee END.

Next show i am going to is local. Nightshift Pomona @ the Pomona Fairplex.




Monday, July 14, 2008

Hot Import Nights' Nightshift North Carolina


Going to the Mono-rail thingy.

This happened to me while boarding.

This is where i sat from Dallas to Charlotte.

Arrival at Charlotte Airport.

Outside Charlotte Airport waiting for the Bus.

While waiting for the rental van, we checked out the other cars on the lot, this corvette was dirty.

After we got to the hotel we ate at a place called Logans.

This was thier bread.

The butter.

I had ribs. They sucked, it was very dry.

This was someones steak, wow that shits RARE.

Map of Concord.

Packing up to go to the show.

The pond next to the Track.

Picking up Beer.

Dinner for that night was BOJANGLES!!!

Chicken Sammiches.

This was Dessert.

Then it was off to the wackest Girls Gone Wild Party EVER!!!

The next day i drove, Alot. EVERYWHERE.

At the end of the day i finally got to hang out with Ms Kira Kener. Cool Chick. Very buisness minded. She was good times.

Over all the show was fun. It was very humid and hot. The sweet tea is money, the people were nice, and the food was good (even though all we ate were fast foods).

I wore these the whole time there, they were very comfy.



Lees Sammiches.

Iced Coffee there is the shittt!!!



Heres one last picture.

Till next time. EAT!!! TAKE PICTURES!!!