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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

UPDATE Part 2!!!

Highlands + Avalon 8-15-08

Kuya Abel...

Niomi, Nate and Abel

Edgar and Randy

Randy, Edgar, Mickee, Nate and Mike.

Niomi actin a foo.

Me after avalon... getting hit in the nuts... but at least i looked good.

Nightshift Chicago 9/21-24/-8

The flight there... cool clouds.

The long ass terminal... From home alone.

Im the bathroom Fucking around waiting for the rental car.

Holly mother of PIZZAAA!!


See that purple R33 Skyline... I pushed that in and out of a garage for a YEAR!!!

Portillos... MMM... with cheese sauce.

@ The Pre Party

Goose pouring down some Henny.

My Kicks during the Show.


it was talias bday thats why she was wearing a tiara.

Our hotel for the weekend.


United center.

WOW... i cried.


Colby Odonnis... No homo.


That one famous tower.


OMG IS KRISTINE aka Wobz from TM!!!

Jier of Nue Marvel, Guada and friend.

Indo, a Hawaiian, and Jeri.

Steve Batanga of Babeblvd just took some JDM Eyedrops from Indo.

The sexy Ibay.


Later that night we went to JJs Cafe.

Labor Day Weekend. 8/30-9/1/08

Kents Bday!

Green Wobbz.

Vince and Kristine.

Wobbz key chain.

I did this on someones back. Vinces crooks shirt.

Fair Trade.


Kay Valentine and jay-arr

The hotel lobby.

Rockin the Nue Marvel Shirt.

The next day we went to get pho.


later on that day... THE GAMES!!!

Flip Cup!!!

The guys won.

Highlands 9-5-08... OPEN BAR... NO NEYO.

Mary and Me.


GROUP of drunkies... fucken open bar.


HIGHLANDS VIRGO BASH / Myrons bday!!! 9-13-08


Abel and J.Magic

After the Party... we went to get some food.

They were talking about P4.

MY HAT!!!! but i got myrons face!!!

FIL-AM Convention...MANNA and More Fil Am COnv.

Joey and Jay arr

The Contestants of the Pagent.



Jay arr.

Yup thats the guy.

Then we went to Philippes.

Good french dips samiches.

Update #3 coming up soon.