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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

April- May 2009

April 2nd @ Level 3... World of DANCE Pre-Party!!!!!!!

The Crowd.

I got a bottle.

That weekend I met and got to know some of the coolest BayArea girls EVER!!!

I look sooo drunk!!!

Aww the oldschool peoples from Events CO!!! Just like old times.

After the Club i got some food at Kitchen 24.

Bert Knocked out.

April 3rd @ Highlands for WORLD OF DANCE PRE-PARTY 2!!!!
The girls came out again cause they had so much fun with me at level 3...

APRIL 4TH!!!! WORLD OF DANCE POMONA 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the Flyer... (note: its long as fuck!!!)

The homie Carter cut his hair with the WOD logo!!!

Me doing the Hosting thing. Word.

Me and Myron Marten behind the scenes.

Me and TK of the Wildboyz.

Crowd Shots.

Beat Freaks.

Quest Crew.

After the Show.

April 14-16 BAY AREA TRIP for Kenya-Dance?

*Virgin America... shot with camera phone!!!

Went straight to San Jose after we got to the bay and stopped Bills Cafe.

*I got thier meat lovers omelette.

*Psycho Dougnuts.

@ Kenya Dance.

behind me right is 5,000 people!!!

*After the show... went to a club and got bottle service.

*Also met up with Melissa and Caroline.

*Bert Spun.

*Later that night, i was drunk... and we all went to Dennys.

*Then i won THIS!!! When your drunk and you win something... you get soooo proud of yourself.

*The next morning, we went to get some Filipino FOODS!!!

*and drank Mango Drink!!!

Then we were off to SAN FRAN!!!

*It was sooooo hot in the Bay!!!

*The full house Houses in the begining of the show.

*Golden Gate Bridge.

*That one place.

*After the golden Gate bridge and that one place we went to get some foods first to Gheredellis.

*Then to this Chowder spot with a view.

*Everyone got Clam Chowder... i got this sandwich.

*On the flight back to LA... they had this new machine that look like something from total recall. LOL COOLS.

While waiting for the plane... i got some food and drank some Coronas.


Then she got on the Mic to say a few words.... blah blah blah...

The New Boys were in the house... they have a Number 1 song called "you're a jerk"

After level 3 i got really drunk and went to kitchen 24 and ordered this... took 1 bite and threw up... someone had to drive me home.

Friday May 1st... Big Bday Shoutout to Lan.

May 2nd... Pac-man vs Hatton fight at Cuzin Darrels house... Pacman killed him... so we ended up drinking.

This game is called Horse Races.

That Carl in the back... drunk TKO.

The winning team were the SPADES!!!

Uni Brow Carl.

May 3rd Ultimate Brawl 9 in Riverside. I went to support Barkada Modern.


Party Peoples @ UB9

May 7th... JACKIES BDAY @ LEVEL 3 ft Far East Movement & Barkada Modern!!!

WE bombed the Go-Go dressing room with Balloons.

and then this happened again...

B.Mod getting ready to perform!!!

Some of the people watching Far east Movement performing.

The crowd watching FM perform.

FM Tearing up the stage!!!

Me and Adela.

Kyanna Lee... bomba star.

WOBIZZLE from TM7!!!

DJ Justyles... word.

Myron trying to feed me the bottle.

Indo Killing the rest of the Henn.

Jackie giving me a piece of her Red Velvet Cake!!!

This is RJ... he bought the Cake.



Mikee from MITT.

Me and Kyanna.

After the club we all went to JJs Cafe.

and i got this!!!

THEEEE END... all caught up!!!!