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2. The last blog i had got erased and banned because it got to crazy and apparently showing pictures of dead cats isn't politicaly correct.

3. Food.

4. 2 words, Drugs and Alchihol.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

November 7th -20th 2008

Kim Do's Bday @ Highlands Nov. 7th

Myron, Kim, Joey in the back, ME.

Me and DJ Element.

Friday Nov 11 Highlands.. the Start of Prelude SF Trip.

Kuya Abel of

DJ Zeb and DJ J.Magic @ Highlands Main Room.

LOL JOEY Dancing on stage.

Nothing Gay Here.

Me and Mica.

After Highlands, dropped off Mica at my house, then went to myrons house then we left. It was 6AM on Satday. There was alot of traffic. Closed Freeways and shit. The first stop going to Sf. Red Brick @ 11AM.

Sleepy Vince... Tina CHatting it up on the Berry.

IDK what kind of pizza it was... but it was good.



Prelude Norcal @ San Mateo Performing Arts Center Satday Night!!!

Awards Ceremony.

Crowds Reaction when that one team won... I was tooooo tired to pay attention.

After Prelude we went to get food at TGIF, i got steak and ribs.

After Food we went to a Club in San Jose that the homie Trung from Set4life Ent threw.

The people there were really getting down.

I also met up some old friends who now live in San Jose. They be from the Hometown, Bohol.

Vince looking mad or tired... or both.

The next morning, Sunday. we were feeling some dimsum... and found this really really good dimsum spot called Joy Luck Place in the heart of San Mateo.

The food... After we ate we all went back to the hotel and rested.

While everyone rested, i went to dinner with a friend. She took me to Gerrys Grill.

The food was good. I only took 1 picture tho, i was to busy eating... i also ended up buying food for Vince, Myron and Tina who were still sleeping back at the hotel.

This is Mae. Ive known her since i was maybe 3years old.

Later that night we went bowling with Trung. i didnt take pictures. i was drunk. Then we went to a chilli cheese fries spot. i dont remember what i was called but it was near the bowling spot.

The Next Morning, Monday we all went to the city and went sight seeing. We went to Fishermans Warf.

Thre Drive there.

That one prison.

Found this interesting sticker.

The stairway to the San Franciscan.

This is where we ate.

The bread was magical! and yes that black pepper on it.

Myron eating bread.

Vince looking thru the Menu.

After the food we went to take picture with the fishermans warf logo thing.

The walk back to the car.

Some Street Art.

Myron Tina and Vince watching a live demo.

Birds and Alcatraz

Afte fishermans warf we went to Haight and Ashbury Street to go shopping where i bought some shoes.

After that we went to go sheck out the hundreds store, where i took this.

After that we took a group picture and started to drive home.

I want to throw a bowling ball in this store.

At around 10:30 we stopped at Pleasanton to get some food.

Some Pho Then it was on the way home.

November 20th 2008, Los Angeles Auto Show Preview Night.

Open Bar and Lots of food... the first of many Henn and Coke.

Nissans 370ZUGLY!!!

Someday ill have this car again.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

October 16 - 31 2008

On Oct 16th i went to a Gym Class Heroes ft. The Roots and Estelle Concert.

Estelle and Travie...

Roots Crew

Travie of Gym Class Heroes.

Gym Class Heroes.

Mica and me. I think she enjoyed it.

Friday Oct 17 Highlands for Jenny Chus Bday.

View from the Rise.

LOL RAINBOW BRIGHT!!! it was an 80's theme party.

Satday OCt 17th Went to Manna, then went to JTown and got some Coffee. Jay arr chattin it up with a statue.

Joey and Tina were like ?!?!?!

and then...

Satday November 25th... FRIENDSHIP GAMES!!!

the Flyer.

Dj Zeb spinning at the 21XL booth... DebStar in the back.

RJ Sushiboy.

Taking orders to get some food.

The TEAM!!! WE RUN LA!!!!


Myron on the Mic... Zeb spinnin.

The Crowd @ the After party.

Video of the Crowd at the After Party.

SPUF winners of FG08... Cal Poly San Luis Obispo ala SLO

HIGHLANDS HOLLOWEEN PARTY!!! Friday Oct 31st 2008.

Christina, Tiffara, me and Tina

Me, Tom, Abel aka Manny.

I was the King of HEarts.

I found waldo Lady.

Tina-Bo-Bina Queen of Hearts and me.


The peoples.

SPIDER MAN...Black Suit... its Randy HIN Designer.