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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

End of 2008 shit... man its already Jan 4th, i need to update more.

Okay... lets do this... my last blog was ended on November 20th at the LA autoshow...
hmmm... okay...

Pre-Thanksgiving party in San Diego...

For Thanksgiving i cooked alot including these steaks...

Black friday... we had Highlands... and i took a picture with this random girl, she was on stage, maybe she was famous.

December 1st EventsCo had a Meeting at Covina Bowl.

Mica Bowling a Strike.

Mica then took me to the ZOO. I've never been to the zoo... so i took alot of pictures. Im not gonna post all of them... but heres a few.

Heres a picture of us almost missing the exit.

Dont feed animals coliflower (is that how you spell it?)

Swarm of Flamingos



ohhh ZEEEEbrah

Zeeeebra eating poop.


The Los Angeles Zoo.

After that we went to the Griffith Observatory.

You can see the Ocean from there.

LA Skyline.

Mica eating a roast beef samich by wolfgang puck.

My Cameras zoom is pretty good.

Yellow Mica.

Usual Suspects Annual Christmas Party w/ Ugly Sweater Contest.

During the 50 person White elephant gift exchange!!!

Someone left a used jimmyhead and thier grey silk anderwear.

Me and Indo Vs Paul and Myron in a game of Beer Pong... Paul had shots in his cups tho.

Talking strategy.

My Christmas Card Picture with Kuya Abel.

Later that night the party was moved out in the front and on the floor.

I hosted a Christmas party on the 12th and worked with the funnest kids ever.

We did our rendition of the Christmas Scene...

The girl were angels.

The boys were shepperds.

My 3 Kings throwing the Neptunes sign.

My Cuzin Katrina and her friend helped out passing gifts.

The Gifts.



Got to>>>> ROOTEDMOVEMENT.COM for more info.


They have hats.

and toys.

Shirts and stuff.

More Shirts.

More Toys.

They get all the good Alife SHoes!!!

They have Nikes and other shoes too.

And if you ask nicely... Bert (the owner) will let you play Wii!!!

Highlands... December 19th on man i was dying that night... then i got saved by Melissa Reign.

Me and Kimi Luc.

I ate this on Dec 20th... i was really sick... but this made me all better... Dennys SLAM Burger.

Gabe Bundock Performing live at A Christmas Medley @ Maynila Restaurant... I hosted it on behalf of DJ Mike-E. We raised money for an Orphanage in Bohol, Philippines... the Island i was born at.

40% reheasing before the show.

Monday Dec 22nd after AVALON we went to this one spot and i ate this. It was BomB!!!

December 23rd My Homie Ryan had a Christmas party for the close friends.

Rosie and Ryan setting up the white elephant exchange.

White Elephant Gifts.

Lightsaber. Also came with a Mace Windu Mean Mug doll... hence the purple lightsaber.

Starbucks and Water. I ended up with this!!! YAAY FOR WATER!!!

Bottle of Greygoose.


Group picture take 1.

Take 2.

TAKE 3!!! FINAL!!!

That night was fun... lots of food and drinking... and pretzels. MMMM Pretzels!!!

I spent the rest of my 2008 like this... Christmas eve i stayed home with family... the 27th i went to vegas until the 30th... in vegas i stayed at Wynn and went to watch JO KOY @ South Point Hotel. New Years eve i spent happily at home with family from everywhere. Watched "RENTED" Dvds and Slumdog Millionare on my new TV in my room.

If i were to pick 5 words to sum up my 2008 they would be.

5. Travel
4. Friends
3. Laughter
2. Hope
1. Change!!!