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3. Food.

4. 2 words, Drugs and Alchihol.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oct 21 - Oct 30, 2009

Wednesday oct 21st me and my brother went to watch Law Abiding Citizen. That shit was FUCKING AWESOME!!! And we got Big Carls Burgers.

For Dinner my parents brought home some chowking Chicken. It was perfect right before Level 3... It was a special night with a Fashion show and an actual dance show. MMM chicken.

Thursday Night before Level 3 i had some chicken kababs from this one spot at the Hollywood and Highland mall.

After level 3 i had to clean my room... so i did. Heres the the before and after... took me all morning.

With no sleep, Friday, me and Vince ran some Errands and ate at Sunday Bistro. I had the Pork Chops and pasta.

Satday was filled with super fun and excitement. It was Friendship Games... i was too busy to take pictures... and i dont remember eating at all the whole day... but at the after party i met Brandy. And after the after party we all went to Dennys and i got sammich.

Our Friendship Games Idol Singing contest.

The After Party.


There was a good 20 of us eating at Dennys.

Moons over my hammy.

I slept the whole day sunday and by the time i woke up it was time to go to Lucky strike... so i had my first meal of the day. LOL. We had Hamburger fries, baked potato chips, chicken chunks, pizza and drinks. I got a Henny and coke. My Celebration Drink. It was a good weekend.

Since my sleeping schedule was sooo fucked up cause of Friendship Games... i went to get breakfast at the spot i use to go to when i was in Highschool. I got a Bacon breakfast burrito with fries. MMM with tapatio and ketchup.

For dinner... since i slept through Lunch... a bunch of the homies went to Manna Korean BBQ and got down.

Tuesday Oct 27th... i got a Chicken teri burger from this lil spot down the street from my house. it was bomb... the fries were good tooo.

Later that day... we had another Special event at Level 3 celebrating a bunch of Dancers Bdays from Fanny pack and The Beat Freaks also one of Pacific Rims Host, Angelica's bday and WOBZZZZ's bday who just came back from China. We got pauls specials. We also had a Cupcake sponcer that night so we got hooked up.

This is all i got to take home. Boo.

WEdnesday the 28th... The whole family went to Applebees and i got the 2 for 20 with my brother. Started off with Buffalo chicken, then some artichoke dip and i got Chicken Alfredo. MMMMs.

Later that night me and my brother went to a Benifit concert in LA and my phone broke... but i had my point and shoot with me so i took a picture of the Pho we had after the Concert.

Thursday... i got a Lender phone while my phone was getting fixed... and managed to take some pictures.

Before Level 3 i got western cheeseburger from Carls JR.

After the club we went to Subway and i grubbed on a Chicken bacon ranch.

Friday i slept in and my first meal was at Great Steaks. I got the Bacon Philly Cheese steak. It sucked... but it was food before clubbing at highlands.

Word. It holloween today... and i havent had anything to eat yet. i slept in and now im too lazy to get something to eat. And it seems like theres no one trick or treating in my neigborhood. Eh... Looks like im eating Candy for DINNER!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What ive EATEN from June- October.

LOL i think this will be easier... ok lets catch up with FOOD PICTURES of where ive been the past few months. lol.

Neighborhood burger after TK's Bday

Lechon @ my dads 50th bday Party.

Donahoo's while working @ Rootedmovement

also went to Joey's bbq another day while working at Rooted.

street corn!!!! At Pomona wednesdays Farmers Market

Chips a Mexican Food Place before Level 3.

Vodka @ Level 3.

Pho after Bowling @ Luckystrike in Orange Sundays.

My first Breakfast in New York at a Deli Near the UN building.

Grey Goose at a NYC Club.

Oj and Goose with Vince and Carissa @ a NYC Club.

New York Pizza.

Chicken From aunt Ruths in QUEENS.

Chicken tenders and Fetticini @ ESPN Zone in TIME SQUARE while watching the LAKERS WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

Gray's papaya.

Chicken cutlet with Tartar sauce and Spaghetti @ SUnday Bistro.

Lee's Sandwiches after going to Huntington Beach to have a bonfire.

Home made CHicken wings.

iGugini for my Aunts Wedding Anniversary... wow this was such a bomb place to eat... that i didnt get to take pictures of the food.

Henn shots @ Level 3 from INDO!!!

Red Velvet cupcake @ Kitchen 24

Apple Pies @ Rishi's 4th of July BBQ

Lees samiches Iced Coffeeeeee

Pina Colada @ a beach Bar in Venice beach.

Manna's For Kimi's Bday

Patron and Pineapple @ Level 3... Thats Paul the Bartender.

Chicken Noodle soup and Salad and Bread @ Knotts Berry farm.


Deep Fried Snickers, Footlong Hotdog and Curly Fries. @ OC Fair.

Ice Cream and Cookies @ Home with my cuzin THomas.

Gulaman @ Filipino festival in Delano.

Homemade egg Mcmuffin... and Hotdog.

A free M&Ms icecream samich @ OC Fair.

Funnel Cake @ OC Fair.

MMMM TOFU HOUSE.... I go the BimBimBab with Tofu soup... and Make my special.

Steak and Eggs @ the Orleans after World Hip Hop INternational.

Bishamon @ Downtown Covina... Sesame chicken, Beek teri and Cali rolls.

Rosquillos from the Pinas!!!

Home made Street danger dogs.

Steak and mash @ Highlands before a club for Indo's Bday Dinner.

Curly Fries from jack in the box.

Chicken Wings after Partyin in vegas for Magic @ Marinos inside Hooters Casino.

Steak and Corn @ Joey21XLs Grad Party.

After Dyin in San Diego went to Korean BBQ in Rowland with my Family.

CostCo Hotdogs with my brother.

Hamburger Katsu after a meeting with the Hundreds with Static.

Penang with my brother. Curry with pancake, Malaysian style pork chops, peanut pancake.

Kitchen 24 Burger after level 3 on a Wednesday.

The Trailboss steak @ Pinnacle in San Dimas.

Chicken Primavera from Norms.

Cold Udon from Bishamon in Downtown Covina for my Parents Wedding Anniversary.

Dessert wine @ my cuzins house.

Red velvet cupcake from Kitchen 24.

Home made Pastrami Panini.

Miki House with Joey21XL and my brother... we got Beef Tapa, Kawali, BBq fried rice, and chicken chow mein.

Hummas and Olive pesto thiny @ Norms with Joey21XL.

Dim Sum in San Mateo with MyronMarten, joey21XL and justin aka dj Justyle. Random Dim SUm... and FUCKING PEKING DUCK SON!!!

Spam and Tocino @ Lucky Chances Casino.

Rasberry Tea, Milk, Water and Chip Ahoy from 7-11 at 6AM in the morning.

Chicken Strips and Garlic Fries @ TAxi'S before set up for WOD Bay Area.

After WOD Set up, we had a BBQ @ the Hotel. I cooked BBQ Pork, Steak Salad, Toasted Bread, and Steaks.

We then went to CHa Cha Chas for some Tapas and thier world famous Sangria. GEEZ.

The Next day we went to Fishermans Warf and i got Ribs.

Later that day we went to Ghiridelli square for some icecream!!!

The next day on the way home stopped by Sonics in Gilroy and got chicken wings.

Went to Penang again this time with my Family. We got Curry Puff, some greens, Calamari, and Mango CHicken.

Some beers @ Audible Wednesdays @ Characters in Pomona... They got good music there!!!

After Audible Wednesday me and Joey21XL Went to Norms where i got Steak.

The next day i made steak and eggs.

The day after that i made Steak salad for lunch.

Some Yoshinoya with Sesame chicken wings.

Pringles Onion Blossom is bomb and spicey!!!

Last wednesday October 14th... We had a family party at my house. this was the spread.

Thursday for dinner we went to Miki House again. We orderd the Usual, Beef tapa, kawali and fried rice... but since my parents were with me... we ordered Kikyam and Bittermellon in oyster and beef sauce.

Friday Oct 16th @ Highlands... beerpong tourney and drank Stellas with team "No, were Not Brothers" (undefeated still)

After Highlands we went to Hodori Korean bbq. I got Pork Katsu, Short Ribs and Bimbim bab salad with Bulgogi and we got free beef balls.

Satday oct 17th @ V20's Restaurant before it becomes a Club. I got steak again... and it was only $10. Then we got 3 bottles of Goose and get drunk.

Monday OCtober 19th... My Family celebrated my aunts bday @ Lawrys. Its been like 2 years since ive been there. Its was just as i remembered it. So i signed up for a VIP Card.

Prime Rib with Mash Potatos. Yes thats with the bone, so yes it was thick. Took home the bone and gave it to my Dog.

FUCK YES!!! IM FINALLY CAUGHT UP!!!.. I hope this made you hungry... cause now i am. Time to go get some food... Its 4AM!!!!!!!