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Monday, November 10, 2008

UPDATE #4... HIN DALLAS!!! 10/9-10/12

THURSDAY 10/9!!! This is the Parking structure at Phoenix Airport. I had a 2hr layover in Phoenix going to Dallas.

Arrival @ Dallas Airport... Bagage Claim... and no i wasnt trying to take a picture of that girl in the right even though i thought she was cute and got mad cause the picture came out blurry. OH Hi. im not a stalker.

The Taxi ride to the Hotel we saw the Dallas Cowboys stadium. That place looked runned down.

Holy moFFA of NACHOS!!! Took 2 bites and threw up. Not cause of the nachos but cause i saw 2 dudes kissing across the way.

FRIDAY 10/10!!! Driving to the Dallas Convetion Center.

I think this was a strip club or something. There were like 50 strip clubs near our hotel 10 of which were male strip clubs... only went to 46... the last 4 were just to HARD to get INTO.

AA Arena... where Dallas Mavricks Play.

The Dallas Skyline.

Then some Dallas Skylines...

Some american Muscle.

European Speed machine.

When i got back to the hotel after a long day. A FUCKING CIA CAR WAS PARKED IN THE DRIVEWAY!!!

Later that night we went to a PARTY the DJ Turbulance was spinning at... man... did he get it.

Heres a play by play of how her GOT IT. Myron bought the first bottle.

Picture 1. Myron sneaking up on Turb.

Picture 2. TURB sees Myron and the Bottle Grey Goose and tries to pull the "i cant drink, i'm DJing"

Picture 3. Myron says no... Turb gives in... Bottle down the throat.

That was our Table service lady... she was nice... and she had short sexy hair. I bought Bottle Number 2. The sparkler was so that people saw who bought a bottle and made us look like ballers. LOL. SOOO HOLLYWOOD.

This is Edgar. He works for HIN in the Automotive department. He's a drinker.

SO we poured 2 bottles in his mouth. Hes a trooper. (Notice how he has his phone out... he was txting a client when me and myron snuck up on him. Werd)

This was the Manager of the club we went to. He was dope... gave us a phatty (lol PHATTY) discount and a great table. So naturally we wanted to thank him.

This was after he said he cant drink on the job... but since we were from LA... he made an expection.

Hehe... after the shot. Theres our Bottle Lady... see shes cute, im a sucker for short hair. OH doesnt the manager dude look like HIRO for HEROES? "YATAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

Oh yea... at 1:45... 15 mins before closing i bought another bottle. Bottle 3. Hennesy was 450...WTF!!! Grey Goose was 200... shit... Goose it was. Oh and that my drunk EYES... when you can't see my eyes in pictures... im drunk or buzzed beyond buzzed.

So um... This was myron... HE WAS REALLY MESSHED UP... i was gone but still had to take pictures... it was FUNNY.

I swear i helped him after i took this picture.

For being drunk... myron still got to some action. Her name was Toilita... she was made in USA... she was also bought whole sale at the local home depot. Lucky guy.

So SATDAY 10/11 was the show... I was WAAAAAY BUSY to take pictures. But i do have pictures of the Food i ate after the show. MMMMM WHATTABURGER!!!! i didnt eat the whole day satday for the fear of throwing up last nights liqqa and cause i didnt want to poop.

Some chicken... I heart chicken... If i could marry a chicken and there was a way they if i could cut off her wings and legs so i can cook them but she re-grew them instantly... I WOULD SO MARRY A CHICKEN!!! Thats LOVE. This picture looks like the one i took in orlando.

Comparison... this was from orlando. man i love chicken.

Also got a Tripple cheeseburger and fries and the chicken came with country gravy... Country gravy is white and is made out of flour and water... Regular gravy is made from Beef or Chicken stock and is rendered down and thickened by a little Flour. but yeah. MMMMMMM all good.

Oh man... Dallas Was Fun. The show i was soo busy... i didnt even eat... but i ate after. Word.


Thursday, November 6, 2008



Tag the Dog... Joey in the back.

Jeoy and Me Acting a foool on the drive to the YAY.

Cigarettes that fueled the weekend.

Skyline on the Road.

Joey doing homework.

Jay-arr drove.

Tina Slept.

Gas Stop, tag wanted to stretch.

And Fly.

and drink too.

i ate.

Joey Studied and jay-arr grubbed.

Back on the ROAD!!

Yaay in the ROOM!!


Tag Checking the temp when we got into the room.

Went to the Club to pARTY!!!

Bought a bottle.



Drank the bottle.

My Watch.

Myron Drank some.

Jay-arr pouring a drink.

Now were all drunk.

DJ AyeBurt and Joey

After the Partying we went to Lucky Chances for some FOOOD!!!




Before the Show.

Bboy stage.

Main Stage.

Wobbz of TM and Sheroes

Vince and Wobbz.

Out Front... Jay-arr and tag.

TK of the Wildboyz.


During the Show.

View from the side of the stage.

The Crowd.

Tag on stage.

Tag getting some love.


Wobbz giving Tag some love.

Tag getting punted by Zeb.

Zeb was sorry.

Vince and Tag.


Tina Butt!!!

Kaba Modern

Supreme Soul


End of the SHow.

NO more people.

Dancetag Picture of the Show.

The Next Day Recapp of the show.

We went to the city for some fun!

Tag wanted some air.

Bay Bridge?

That thing.

Crazy Clouds.

Picture by TK

We walked for a hood 2 miles... Bottles thrown and shit and gangster.

The place that has the best and Most dangerous Sangria ever.




DRINK!!! Chris Cruz of StayFresh and TK of Wildboyz and Victory crossed arms. LOL

Yeah we ate too.

Then i got kicked in the balls.

Heres Video by TinaButt

Walking back to the cars... DRUNK...

Group Drunk Picture!!

Part 2.

Part 3.

Then i got hit in the balls again.

I threw up.

Then we went bowling.

Trung of Set 4 Life Ent.

I was soooo drunk.