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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CATCHING UP!!! Mid May to July 2009

Geez... i really dont give enough love to this Blog. Well its cause i was suppose to have another one with, but thats not up yet... so yeah... fuck... lets catch up!

I left of in First week of May... so ill pick up from therrr.

INDO's Bday @ Highlands

Rishi was buying Indo shots.

Bobby Lee getting Interviewd by Pacific Rim Press @ JoKoys DVD Release Party.

There was CAKE TOOO!!!!

Beat Freaks performing @ Highlands.

Memorial Day i went so San Diego to celebrate TKs Bday... there was a party @ House of Blues and we stayed at a hotel room and we went to play games... and It was also DJ Justyles BDAY and so he got drunk.

Picture from the CLub.

Joey and Will in the Pull out couch the day after the event.

Thats TK and yes thats a penis on his face.

After checking out we went to Neighboorhood... and i ate thier Neghboorhood burger.

Then went to the Park to do some keg stands and play sloshball.

Got pretty drunk playing sloshball and started drawling on myself.

After sloshball we all went to get some Sushi... and drank more. Here's the group.

...and since it was DJ Justyle's Bday... he did more keg stands outside the sushi spot.

He threw it all up.

May 28th...
We took DJ Justyle to Hooters.

The Bangs Performed @ Level 3... they sucked live.

Oh and since it was DJ Justyle's bday week... we made him drink at Level 3... and went to Kitchen 24 after... he threw up again.

May 29th Went to Donahoos chicken in Pomona...

...and got this.

DJ Justyle's DJ debut at Highlands.

May 30th went to Joeys BBQ in Pomona... and got thier weekend special. MMM SON!!!


July 2nd after Level 3 we went to Michael Jacksons Star on Hollywood... Thats one of Vince's Shirts.

Celebrated Ryans Bday @ His house.

Went to mannas for Kimi's Bday.

.... fuck im bored of updating.

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